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- Steve Jobs

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Water shortage

Apparently panic buying of water butts has hit the shops, because of the impending hosepipe bans and water shortages that are hitting us even before the hot summer gets here.

How amusing that again, we have to pay for our Government's lack of action on this issue. Why hasn't legislation been put into place to force ALL new buildings to use water-saving toilets, and to use rainwater for their toilet/washbasin water? A rainwater system is easily installed and would help save our normal water. Why isn't more being done to promote these systems to householders, to encourage them to install such systems?

And I've always thought it's stupid to use how many gallons of cistern water just to flush away less than a pint of piss??

Also, the current hosepipe ban guidelines need totally revising. For instance, you can't use a hosepipe to wash your car/sprinkle your lawn, but you can use it to fill up an outdoor swimming pool. HELLO?????????

My last visit to London I marvelled at the lack of green space - there was nowhere that rainwater could fall and be soaked into the ground and back into the water table. Nope, it went on the concrete and was washed down the drains only to be leaked away, never to reach our houses. And Prescott still continues to build and build in the South, despite the impending water doom. And none of them will have water saving toilets in I'm betting.

Well my new lawn and shrubs aren't going to suffer. I may not have a hosepipe but I have a huge watering can, and a few trips to and from the kitchen sink will be in order......

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Fantasy Dreams said...

Trouble is, the London Water Table is rising so much, that they have to pump water out of the tube system every day. The south east doesn't use the water from the water table, they use reservoirs only, which obviously evporate and need plenty of chlorine to be drinkable.
I come from an area of germany where we hardly ever see any rain or snow. There was never a hosepipe ban or a water shortage, and it's nowhere near the sea.
This country is surrounded by water and it rains every week, and there is a watershortage ????? Yeah right.