"Your time is limited so don't waste it living someone else's life.
Don't be trapped by Dogma which is living with the results of other people's thinking.
Don't let the noise of other's opinions drown out your inner voice.
And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition, they somehow already know what you truly want to become."
- Steve Jobs

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The family who are "too fat to work"


"They haven’t worked in 11 years, claiming their weight is due to a hereditary condition. Instead, the family spend their days in front of a television borrowed from a friend. Mr Chawner said: ‘We love TV. It’s on from the moment we get up. Often I’m so tired from watching TV I have to have a nap.’ "

Asked why they don’t simply go on a diet, the jobless Chawner family who are so obese their neighbours call them ‘the telly tubbies’ insist: ‘We don’t have the time.’



Their daily diet consists of nothing but fattening food with no proper nutrition. They lead sedentary lives, spend their days watching telly yet are "TOO BUSY TO DIET"??

And our Nanny State says "That's fine, we'll just pay you benefits". Why the fuck aren't they assigning this family a nutritionist and giving them food preparation and nutrition classes, under the threat of "if you don't attend we stop your benefits".

All their ailments are caused by their obesity, which will get worse if they are allowed to continue eating such an unhealthy diet. Then the NHS will foot the bill of all their problems in later life.

It seems to be easier to chuck benefits at them and forget about them, than to actually take some fucking action. With the amount of tubby kids up and coming in the new generations, how many more fatty families are we going to end up paying for, on top of the Chav Generation and the "I want a council house" teen parent generation?

It seems in the Government's drive to "halt the obesity epedemic", there is NOT ENOUGH preventative action being taken at all. Supermarkets need to halve the amount of rubbish food they stock, they need to remove the sweets from the checkout racks where they tempt kiddies to pester their parents. They need to put taxes on junk food and takeaways, and start a better campaign to promote fruit and vegetables.

Forget the "5 a day" bollocks, it's simply too confusing to most people. "2 pieces of brocolli is one portion of your 5-a-day!!" Sod off, the average witless chav won't understand a word of that, it's easier for them to dial Domino's.

Why aren't more celebrities coming on board to promote fruit and veg as "cool" and to make today's easily-led kids and gullible adults a bit more malleable to try fresher foods and to stop using the microwave? DUring the AIDS epedemic there were Govt sponsored ads about condoms, and also during the peak of the Heroin crisis. So if we really ARE in an "Obesity epedemic" then where the fuck are the "Eat fruit and veg" Govt sponsored adverts????????

They used shock tactics for the Heroin adverts, showing emaciated junkies looking half dead. So why don't we line up a group of severely obese kids, in front of a table full of their weeks' worth of crap food, then cut to their parents and a voice saying "why are you killing your children?" Cut then to a shot of the family from the Mail article above, sitting in front of their tellies wheezing and rasping and moaning they are "too fat to work but too busy to diet".

The PC Brigade would howl that we are hurting the kids' feelings by showing them as an example of fat kids. ER WELL THEY ARE FAT, perhaps shock tactics are what is needed here!!! And if we don't want to upset the kids then IMO there is NOTHING wrong with upsetting and shaming the parents who sit by and happily watch their kids eat McDonalds, Pizza, fizzy drinks, and anything BUT food that is good for them. "I don't know how to cook" is not an excuse. Buy a book, look on the web, go to classes, ask your friends. "We don't have time to prepare meals". Well try quitting watching endless soaps and Strictly Come Dancing, and spend some more time in your goddam kitchen.

And if you still simpkly can't be arsed to make the effort, then don't come crying to us when your 30 stone teen needs his stomach stapled and you want the NHS toi pay for it. Fuckwits.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Where the fuck have manners gone?

Just got back from the cinema from seeing Young Victoria....I assumed I would have an undisturbed performance as it wasn't the sort of film that young kids or Chavs would go to see. But I didn't figure for the bunch of fat housewives who had also come along and were sitting on the back row.

I guess I should have seen the warning signs when they didn't shut the fuck up during the trailers....or during the opening credits of the film.....or during the first scene. Despite turning round and glaring at them, did they shut up? No. Every scene they were talkinga bout, when Vic and Albert finally kissed they clapped and cheered, and their murmurings continued throughout the entire film. had there been any staff in the building who were over 16 and qualified to deal with disrutive clients, I would have gone and reported them. But the army of teens staffing the cinema clearly had no customer service training so it was pointless.

I don't fucking pay over £7 to watch a film that has incessant commentary by a bunch of overweight saggy fucking housewive witches.

If I wanted to know your opinion on the costumes and hairstyles in the film I'd FUCKING AS FOR IT. NOW FUCK OFF BACK HOME TO YOUR SHITTY FAMILY, UNGRATEFUL BRATS, DEADBEAT HUSBAND AND DEAD LIFE AND LEARN SOME FUCKING RESPECT FOR OTHER PEOPLE AROUND YOU WHEN YOU ARE IN A PUBLIC PLACE. Or next time I'll have some words for you that will be so fucking vicious you'll shit down the legs of your M&S fucking trousers. BITCHES.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Close Encounters - soooo retro!

So I finally bought the Collectors Edition DVD of Close Encounters (not the version with the "inside the spaceship" rubbish bit). I've not watched it for at least 7 years and last night while sewing a pile of Fuzzbutt gear, I totally enjoyed every minute of it. It's soooo utterly Retro now that it's almost in fashion again. How fab was it to watch a UFO film that didn't involve cellphones, internet, virtual-reality "minority report" sort of computer wizardry, and tons of OTT CGI effects. How cool was it to see all those chunky clunky computers using tapes and making clicking noises!!

The houses were blissfully Playstation-free and internet-free , the kids played with toys not XBoxes, kids ACTED like kids - not mini adults with bad attitudes who were spoiled and demanding, the telephones had dials on them, the music was played on record players not MP3s players or CD players. I felt totally old when I realised this was the childhood I grew up with. We read books and didn't spend hours staring at a computer screen, we weren't bombarded with constant TV images of raunchy pop stars, Z-list celebs, and sex sex sex. We were ALLOWED to be kids back then. Part of me yearns for the good old days of childhood innocence. But I digress!

What I found most remarkable though, in comparison with all other subsequent UFO films, is Spielberg's vision of another race coming to our planet, and we The Humans, receiving them in absolute peace, trust, and a dangerous sense of innocence. When the big Mother Ship finally appears over Devils Tower, there isn't a tank, gun, Army Major or camo-clad soldier in site. Just a bunch of scientists in white coats and Ray-Bans. Nobody is there to shoot or capture the aliens, nobody feels threatened or scared. Back then, America wasn't nearly as publicly paranoid and "Terrorist-fearing" as it is now, and I think this film reflects that. This film was before the PNAC was written, before the Reagans, Clintons and Bush's realised that by terrifying their people with fear propaganda, they could control them. Nowadays EVERYTHING is a threat to America, and just like the remake of Day the Earth Stood Still, you can bet that if these aliens came back to earth today they'd be met with suspicion, aggression, fear, and a fuck-off HUGE arsenal.

What I found amusing is they way the scientists in the film happily offered up a dozen red-silk clad people as Alien Donations.....not knowing what would happen to them if they were taken. It could be a fantastic step for human-alien relations, or these people could have the skin peeled off their flesh while still alive, and their reproductive organs melted or something. And why offer them more humans when the first thing the ship does, is release all the military personnel it abducted back in WW2?

I laughed out loud when I saw the preacher doing a final blessing on the "volunteers". Laughed because he was blathering on about how "God's Angels have come for you and will protect you". For even in the face of a REAL LIVE ALIEN SPACESHIP, these brainwashed bloody preachers STILL insist that they are "the work of God". Er I don't think so.

Then finally we see Richard Dreyfuss' character going into the spaceship. And apparently not giving two shits that he's leaving behind a wife and three brattish kids. To be honest that's probably why he went with the aliens, to get away from his screeching brood :D But in today's PC climate, woudl a father willingly go off with aliens for a potentially fantastic adventure? Or would he shed a tear, straighten his back and sob "I can't leave my children, they need their farther", before going back to living a humdrum life getting fat, worrying about money, screeching at his kids who grow more ungrateful with each passing year, and finally dying in an alcohol-induced stupor brought on by the tormented thoughts of "what id I'd gone with them"?

There's an alternative ending for you Spielberg!!! :D

PS was also nice to see lots of "minor parts" in the cast that were played by actors who later became big - Josef Sommer for one, and OMG LANCE HENRIKSEN how young does he look!!!!!