"Your time is limited so don't waste it living someone else's life.
Don't be trapped by Dogma which is living with the results of other people's thinking.
Don't let the noise of other's opinions drown out your inner voice.
And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition, they somehow already know what you truly want to become."
- Steve Jobs

Friday, September 29, 2006


Jeeez what a day first off, the new departmental website I built and uploaded on Tuesday had several "issues" that had to be straightened out, and some bigwig was ranting about how it may have lost us potential student applications due to broken links. Hmmm so if a website link is broken you can't pick up the phone and say "your website is broken can I have postgrad application details please?" Not that it's an excuse for broken links though, but still - I *doubt* it would have put people off .

I worked like a trojan sorting all the issues out and didn't have my lunch hour, added to that zillions of emails popping up that were duly ignored, and the constant stream of Undergrads with their endless questions. Argh!

Once all issues were resolved and everyone was happy I left early to compensate for no lunch break. I get to my bike and some ****** has nicked my bike pump. Well I hope their life is richer now they didn't have to spend £6 at Halfords to buy their own, instead *I* will have to spend £6 to replace it.

Then I hit the cycle path. Big green painted path with big CYCLE symbols on it. And there are people walking on it, despite and empty path right next to them, which is where the humans walk. They see me coming, and they don't move, they keep walking straight at me, as if I should get out of their way and go onto the human path to avoid them.

By now I am steaming so I ride towards them, expecting them to finally move. Which they do - by about an inch, tutting loudly as I skim past them. Oh I'm sorry, YOU walk on the wrong path and tut at me for not getting out of your way?

So I get onto the main road and grind to a halt waiting for the traffic to let me turn right, which nobody does for about 5 minutes, such is the rush of their busy lives. One utter plonker in a shiny Chelsea Tractor with the back full of kids, driving with one hand and talking on his mobile, whizzes past my right side so near I feel his wing mirror on my coat sleeve. Meanwhile other cars are whizzing past my left hand side as I start to fear for my life and hope that at least ONE motorist can spare 15 seconds of their lives to slow down and let me TURN. Which one finally does, who I reward with a nice wave.

Carrying on down the road a black Mondeo zooms past me, decides she wants to turn left, slams the brakes on and starts to turn, only just stopping in time as she realises I'm screeching to a halt behind her, missing her bumper by about an inch. As I turn the air blue with frustration she starts waving her arms and screeching "come on then!!!!" at me. Oh I'm sorry once more that YOU are a Numptie of a driver and don't care that I nearly rammed into the back of you and injured myself and my bike - I do apologise it's all my fault..........

I finally got home in one piece and mad as hell at the sheer stupidity and ignorance of people today.

I need a whiskey........

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Welcome to MySpace

Why is MySpace so popular? It's hideous!!! Awful layout, difficult to customize, garish and untidy, yet everyone goes ape over them. So, being shameless and wanting to promote Fuzzbutt, I have created a Fuzzbutt MySpace at www.myspace.com/fuzzbutt_uk. Check it out!

I've disabled band websites from adding themselves as my "friends" as it's bollocks, they aren't a friend they just want to plug their band. I dont want to be on a page with 10,000 other "friends" jsut cos he wants to plug his death metal band (yes I was actually added to 10,000 others from one band). I just want Fuzzy owners who can swap pics and stories about their mice, ferrets, chins and rats - and erm, hopefully buy some of my products too *cough*.....

As a PS - "Frankenrat" is doing fine, stitches healing well, bright and chirpy all the time, just pissed off about being separated from Winston in a crappy smaller cage....bless!

Friday, September 15, 2006


Spare a thought for my poor rattie Franklin, who at 11 months old, had to have a tumour removed yesterday. Despite the tumour being about 2", the cut on his back is almost 3 times that. Frankenrat!

I'm pissed at the vet because a week ago she told me it was a harmless cyst and not to worry and bring her back in a week, but during that week it morphed into a full-on tumour. THe earlier you get these things the better it is :-( so now there's a chance that another lump could regrow, despite them saying they got it all out.

Unfortunately rats are predisposed to get tumours, it's just the way they are. I feed mine good food and brocolli (anti-cancer superfood) most days, but that did bugger-all to protect poor Franklin.

He slept most of last night and was obviously feeling the pain, despite being drugged to the hilt - was a bit perkier today so I'm hoping he won't chew or scratch his stitches out. The cost of the operation was £83, most of that was the cost of all the anaesthetics and drugs used. My friend says I'm mad and that I should just "wring his neck and buy another for a fiver" but he's worth every penny. However if he does get another lump I won't put him through this again and it will be off to the rat cage in the sky when the time comes :(

What rubbish

Unbelieveable news yesterday that one local council had reduced it's binmen collections to once a fortnight, and was then fining anyone £100 who put extra bin bags out with their over-stuffed wheelie bins.

Residents have complained that their wheelie bins are already smaller than the average bin, and fortnightly collections are forcing them to put extra bin bags out. Then they get fined for doing so!!!

Why has our Government suddenly gone rubbish-mad? We now have chips on our wheelie bin lids, detecting their weight and how much litter we throw out each week - and you get fined if you don't recycle enough. Rumours abound that some families will be charged an extra £10 a month for the privilege of having the binmen collect their rubbish, and others face fines of up to £20,000 for putting their rubbish out on the wrong day, it was revealed.

I mean FFS HELLO?????? Our country and indeed the world is going to shit with wars and higher taxes and unemployment and immigration and teenage murders - issues FAR MORE IMPORTANT than litter?!?!?! Yet we are getting anal about our wheelie bins.....yes, wheelie bins are such a priority over spiralling military costs and innocent soldier lives lost in Iraq.

All these latest stupid fines will do is make more people fly-tip, and our countryside and neighbourhoods will start to overflow with abandoned binbags. People who take the time and effort to drive extra rubbish to the local tip themselves just add to the traffic on the road, and the global warming problem from car usage.

I agree litter and recycling is also important, but why aren't the Government hitting manufacturers and supermarkets, who insist on shrink-wrapping everything, or packaging it in numerous layers of clear plastic tubs and needless cardboard boxes? Did we ASK to have our brocolli shrink-wrapped, there is just no need! I bought a USB card-reader the other day and it came encased in a hard plastic shell - it would have been equally fine in a sturdy cardboard box that would at least rot down.

Tesco trumpeted the other week about how they are reducing the amount of plastic bags they use by 25% over the next few years, and how they were encouraging shoppers to re-use plastic bags (for the princely reward of ONE Tesco Clubcard point per bag re-used). OOOH HOW THRILLING. 25% reduction over the next TWO YEARS? Come on guys you can do much more than that and a lot quicker too.

For starters get over to www.biobags.co.uk and start getting them to produce your carriers, that rot harmlessley on a compost heap within a few weeks. Or simply start charging for carrier bags like ALDI and LIDL do, it's amazing how people will drag out old carrier bags rather than spend 10p on one at the checkout. Offering one measly clubcard point while still having checkouts full of free plazzy bags won't do ANY good at all.

ALL supermarkets need to change over to Biobags, or start charging - that's the only way a tiny difference will be made.

Luckily my neighbourhood seems to be free of the Wheelie-bin Police - for now....however when my bin was nicked a few weeks back I checked the lid of my new bin just in case there was a chip in it. If there had been I'd have bloody ripped the thing out.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Robbie @ Roundhay!

Well we got there at 9am and there were queus already. Got a good spot in the Golden Circle queue and when they opened the gates we bagged a spot RIGHT AT THE FRONT at the barrier, stage right. A FABULOUS night, great show and the RObster was about 3 metres away from us all night....ohhh the temptation!!!! We even got on Sky One for about 4 seconds ........

Friday, September 08, 2006

Oh Lindsay

Hollywood star Lindsay Lohan had a bag containing a reported £530,000-worth of jewellery stolen at Heathrow Airport.

Lohan reported the theft to police yesterday evening after noticing her expensive orange Hermes handbag had disappeared from her luggage trolley as she left Terminal One.

Er why on earth did dear Lindsay have £500k worth of jewellery perched on her luggage trolley? Why was it not in the care of her burly entourage, or even packed tightly in her large suitcases, which would have been harder to swipe than a Hermes handbag.

Airports are notorious for thieves swiping stuff off trolleys, if you turn your back for so much as 5 seconds. Miss Lohan should havea been a bit more aware. Hope she's insured, daft bint......


Meanwhile in MadonnaLand, Mr Madonna Guy Ritchie is whingeing that he's sick of being "Mr Madonna". Friends say the adulation Madonna receives from her fans as she travels the world makes him feel like a "spare part". Says one: "He hates the idea of being Mr Madonna. He often finds himself sitting round bored, waiting for her."

DON'T MARRY SOMEONE AS FAMOUS AS MADONNA THEN. Specially when you are only a second-rate film director. Jeez where are these people's common sense????

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Inciting hatred or "just a bit of fun"?

Take a look at these images:

Now, replace the world "boys" with either "blacks", "Jews", or "girls". Would there be an outcry if tshirts with these slogans attributed to blacks, Jews or girls were put on general sale? You can bet your boots there would.

So why are they allowed to be sold featuring boys? Why is it acceptable for boys to be vilified like this?

"Oh it's a bit of fun" say the manufacturers, and the parents who buy them for their little girls to wear. But would they buy the same t-shirt for their son if it said "Girls are stupid - throw rocks at them"? I think not.

We are now so mired in legislation for "inciting hatred and encouraging violence", why aren't the manufacturers up in court for their line of clothing, calendars and mugs that feature this artwork (among many other categories)? Why are we seemingly undoing years of women's rights and bleatings for equality, by publicly stating that all boys, and therefore men, are stupid/crap/not equal to us, indeed beneath us?

How many little girls in the playground will throw stones at boys because she's seen it featured on a t-shirt? Or throw dirt at them - or even a knife? Or taunt the shyest boy in the class with "stupid" taunts util he feels less than worthless?

Kids are easily led, and seeing pictures like this in the shops will make her think that behaviour like this is acceptable. (No doubt if she DID throw rocks at a boy and injure him, the school would not discipline her, or take a pussyfooted approach to discipline, as is the trend nowadays).

I feel sorry for men nowadays - they're being forced to revel in their feminine side, use moisturiser, cry in public, express their feelings, be more attentive to their women, find where the clitoris is, learn to cook, and pretty much turn into pansies. Now the younger generation of girls are being trained to think boys are stupid and deserve nothing but abuse. Great honey, that will snare you a husband in the future!!

I long for the return of the macho man who fixed cars, put up shelves, built a gokart for his son, went fishing, drank beer, and wanted his tea on the table when he came home. I fear he will never return, if he tried to he would be knocked back by the screaming PC brigade (all decked out in their "we hate boys" t-shirts).

This crap should be banned. And if you think I'm being anal then fine, write to the manufacturers and demand that they release the same lines featuring blacks, Jews and women. Hey, we need equality man!!

Monday, September 04, 2006