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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

PC gone mad

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Unbelieveable news today about the schoolkids who have to keep their sweaters on during the current heatwave "because of health & safety rules".

Despite soaring temperatures the youngsters have been ordered to wear the offending item at all times, unless their parents sign a consent form. But the school's headteacher defended the policy and said it was among a string of safety measures designed to protect her pupils from a variety of sun-related illnesses, including sunstroke.

As a result children as young as three are only allowed to take off their jumpers if their name is on a parent-approval list. Without the required written permission they have no choice but to keep the sweater on - even during physical education classes.

Pupils are also only allowed to apply sun cream if their parents have signed a consent form.


Can a child not take responsibility for when he/she is too hot now? It's simple! "phew, I'm a bit hot" *remove jumper*. See?

I guess the sun cream issue is different, cos kids run around in the sun without realising they are burning. But it's easy enough for supervising teachers in the playground to make sure they put their cream on - why do they need a parental consent form??? In case they have an allergic reaction and the school gets sued? In case a teacher rubbing cream onto a child is accused of molestation?

When I was at primary school we ran around at lunch and playtime in the sun, and nobody said anything and we certainly didn't have sun cream on. And everyone was fine! We probably weren't outisde long enough for the sun to have a real effect on us.

Schools are obviously not worried about a child passing out because he is too hot in his sweater, or dehydrating because he's running around in his sweater but not drinking enough water. I wonder if schools in Australia have such stupid policies??? I seriously doubt it. Kids in Aus have grown up with lessons on sun protection, TV adverts, plus sensible parents who instil the importance of the "slip slop slap" rule from day one. I should think that if any kid gets sunburned and comes home crying, the parents will just scold them for not putting their hat and cream on - they certainly wouldn't go running to the school and blaming them.

But not so in Nanny Britain. What on earth next? No school meals unless a consent form is signed, just incase a kid gets a tummy bug and the dinnerladies get sued???

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Sabine said...

In my daughters school it's even worse, they are not allowed to bring suncream, even with a consent form. They call me to get my consent before they put a plaster on, and they send her home, if her exczema is playing up, as she is not allowed to put on german baby-bottom cream, in case it causes an allergic reaction in another child....